Workplace Risk Assessment

A suitable workplace risk assessment should be made for any working activity that poses a risk to anyone within a business. Our qualified health & safety consultants can assist with this procedure.

A workplace risk assessment is a systematic method of looking at work activities which considers what could go wrong and recommends suitable control measures to prevent loss, damage or injury.

It should include measures required to eliminate, reduce or minimise the risks. When considering the required controls, there is a certain hierarchy to follow:

Workplace risk assessment: Five steps to safety

First: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) isn’t necessarily the first control to reach for. Ask first if the task is needed. Do employees need to be working at height? Could items be stored in a more convenient way to prevent this kind of work?

Second:  If you can’t eliminate the process, substitution is required. Could you swap a harmful chemical for something less hazardous? Or is there a safer way for your employees to work – perhaps by using a small mobile elevating work platform instead of step ladders?

Third: Engineering controls. What can you add to help make an unavoidable process safer? Perhaps an extraction system where large amounts of dust are created or guards on machinery at all times.

Fourth: What procedures can you introduce to allow employees work more safely? Could you reduce the amount of time they spend completing a certain task or do you simply need to increase the amount of safety signage?

Fifth: Where all other measures have been ineffective, we would introduce PPE. It should be appropriate and employees should be trained in the function and limitation of each time.

EP Risk Consultancy, based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, can create a bespoke range of risk assessments for your business covering the tasks you complete. We also offer risk assessment templates for specific tasks that your employees would need to complete and we also offer on-site training.