Fire risk assessment

How a fire risk assessment can save your business thousands

A severe fire burns out of control - a fire risk assessment could have prevented thisAll businesses must by law carry out a fire risk assessment of their premises and review it regularly.

Staff or their representatives must be informed about the identified risks and the employer must implement and maintain appropriate fire safety measures.

These include emergency planning, providing staff with information, fire safety instruction and training.

A thorough fire risk assessment can save a business thousands in insurance costs alone. But it is important to select a properly qualified organisation to complete the task.

EP Risk Consultancy’s Health & Safety manager Mick Brennan is a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers and has demonstrated high levels of competence and experience to attain this membership.

He will carry out a thorough, independent evaluation of your premises to consider the fire safety hazards posed to people and property and write a clear, easy-to-understand report.

It will contain an action plan – listing the priorities – on how to minimise identified risks. An assessment will usually takes about a day, depending on the size of the premises.

Our comprehensive fire risk assessment service includes:

  • Floor plans and emergency procedures
  • Fire safety training
  • Sources of ignition
  • Combustible materials
  • Persons at risk
  • Fire detection and warning
  • Fire drills and evacuation
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Testing and maintenance
  • Appliance testing
  • Signs
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire doors
  • Fire marshal training
  • Equipment including emergency lighting, extinguishers and detection systems at discount prices

Fire engineering service

We can arrange the following services for your premises:

  • Fire detection alarm and sprinkler systems
  • Fire extinguishing media, service and maintenance
  • Please contact us for a quote.


CASE STUDY: Factory Fire

We were called to a factory in Halifax where a fire had destroyed an outbuilding. Even though the fire was small, the disruption to business was serious. The firm had not revised its fire management plans for 10 years and when our chartered consultants were called in, we were able to put in place procedures and equipment that would minimise the company’s future fire risk.

Please contact our fire risk specialists to see how we can help your organisation