Health & Safety Management System

If your organisation has five or more employees, you must legally have a policy that outlines your commitment to health and safety.

This is usually done through a health & safety management system. The Health and Safety Executive recommends a ‘plan, do, check, act’ model as a way of creating an effective  system.

EP Risk Consultancy can take care of this for you.

Plan: We devise an action plan with you that we work on over the period of our contract. This ensures you see the value of our service. It also demonstrates where progress is being made to the HSE and other stakeholders.

Do: You can continue to run your business without having to spend hours on health and safety documentation, because we do the hard work for you. We will, of course, provide you with training.

Check: We complete regular workplace inspections and introduce the processes to your supervisors to ensure they are able to complete them in the future. Accidents are sometimes inevitable, but a good health & safety management system can help protect you and your business. It will allow you to show evidence of safe systems of work and procedures. These practices can help protect you from civil claims and legal prosecutions.

Act: Where we find any cracks in your armour, we will advise on a solution. This often means involving employees to ensure they all understand and accept the new systems. This can be achieved through on-site training and tool box talks by our qualified trainers.

Is your health & safety management system adequate? Many people in business like to think so – but often shortcomings don’t come to light until a serious accident occurs, and by that time it’s too late.

Dealing with all the challenges facing your organisation can be complex and time-consuming. When you’re under pressure, it is easy to overlook key health and safety issues. A health and safety management system helps you take control. It sets out how to handle key activities, so that everyone knows the right way of doing things.

It also lets you apply a consistent, structured approach to tasks to see what is working well, and where you could make improvements. It also helps to keep your business legally compliant.

Key management standards

The British Standards Institution (BSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) produce a range of management standards. These bring together the experience of business managers and other experts of what works best. Using one of these recognised standards can be more effective than designing your own system from scratch.

OHSAS18001 is the most widely recognised health and safety standard. If you wish, we can help you to gain this high standard. This standard is regarded as the gold standard of health and safety management systems and is highly regarded by many companies in the FTSE 100 supply chain.

Those with this standard should be aware that is due to change in 2017 when the new ISO standard 45001 will be introduced. Advice and support during this transition is readily available by West Yorkshire based EP Risk Consultancy.

Below is a summary of some of the ways we can review your business.

These focus on an individual task, activity or people. Our trained consultants look in depth into your processes to identify a safer way to develop them. Safety sampling audits are often used to look at a process or activity where frequent accidents have occurred or where there is a serious risk.

These are suited to the construction industry, for principal contractors and subcontractors. We can conduct a scored audit or advisory report to be given to the client or principal contractor. This is a often a requirement under CDM/Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan.

Our most popular option. We visit your premises and look at all areas of the business and documentation to ensure you are legally compliant and there are no major system flaws. We then create a basic action plan which can be revisited year on year. This allows all parties to identify progress.

This is our free, no-strings attached audit. We will come to your business, advise you of any shortcomings and point to areas where you are doing well. We will let you know how to improve and follow up with a brief report or email highlighting our discussion points. We then leave you to it – unless you want further help.

For more details on a health & safety management system, please contact our qualified consultants today.