Positive feedback from clients on training course

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Jason Askew who has been praised for conducting IOSH training courses
Jason Askew

Positive feedback from clients who undertake our training courses is valuable in helping us to shape and present future programmes.

So we were delighted to receive recommendations from two delegates on a recent IOSH Managing Safely course, one of many held regularly in our training suite in Huddersfield.

Each spoke of feelings of apprehension that were quickly overcome by the relaxed and professional approach of EP Risk Consultant, Jason Askew.

Gill Rowe​, Night Shift Manager at Snuggledown, wrote: “I was apprehensive about doing the course, but I need not have worried.

“Jason was professional and thorough, made me feel at ease and explained everything perfectly. I was not afraid to ask any question I was unsure of as I felt very relaxed within the group. Overall,  I found the course helpful and interesting.”

Vikki Lomax, Centre Manager at Yorkshire Children’s Centre, wrote: “I wasn’t looking forward to the course, but from the moment we sat down on the first day Jason made us feel relaxed.

“If we weren’t sure of something, Jason would explain and always gave us an example of what he meant but in a context which helped us to understand it. It was full of interaction from everyone. I would definitely recommend the course.”