Specialist Services

Take advantage of our range of specialist services

Our qualified health and safety consultants provide a number of specialist services which are often required by insurers, the local authority or following a government enforcement notice.

Some consultants simply advise what specialist service you require and leave the hard work to you. We can do the hard work by providing a comprehensive range of services which makes it easier, more efficient and more cost-effective for you.

We can arrange the following:

Noise surveys

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 were introduced to ensure that workers’ hearing is protected from excessive noise. Exposure to high levels can cause hearing loss and other conditions. The service from our qualified consultants involves taking accurate readings in different areas of the workplace. This will ensure you provide the correct hearing protection for employees in the appropriate areas. Many companies choose to have noise surveys to protect them against noise-induced hearing loss claims.

Air sampling

Required by those who work in particulate or fume-exposed areas, such as wood workers, metal fabricators or textiles. Many particulates in industry can be carcinogenic, causing occupational asthma.

Legionella assessments and monitoring

Businesses with water-holding tanks, showers and other water facilities are at risk of contracting legionnaire’s disease if they are not effectively monitored and controlled. EP Risk Consultancy can provide a comprehensive service which starts with a full assessment and is followed by regular water testing and sampling.

LEV maintenance and testing

Employers who use a local exhaust ventilation system to control airborne contaminants are legally obliged to ensure it operates efficiently and that it is serviced and tested every 14 months – some more frequently. We can ensure your LEV system is working effectively and safely.

Heath surveillance and night worker assessments

Under the Working Time Directive it is a legal requirement to offer night workers health surveillance. Other health monitoring may be required such as:

  • Lung function testing
  • Hearing tests
  • Skin surveys